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Under the redevelopment plan three sub-areas, each with a different strategy, were identified

Area I

39th to Thurman Avenue
Strategy: Acquisition of all properties, relocation of all households and businesses, and demolition of all buildings on Lafayette, McRee, Blaine, and Folsom. The area would then be rebuilt with approximately 150 new single-family homes.
In 2004 the GDC entered into a contract with McBride & Son Homes to build approximately 150 new homes. To date McBride has sold 108 homes on the 3900 blocks of Lafayette, McRee, Blaine and Folsom. They are now building on the 4000 blocks of McRee and Blaine. Based on the current rate of sales, McBride should complete the development by mid-2007. Under its agreement with McBride, the GDC is responsible for the landscaping of certain green spaces and common areas within McBride’s development and for certain public improvements.

Area II

Thurman to Tower Grove
Strategy: Preservation and rehabilitation of existing buildings and construction of new single-family homes on vacant lots. Involves the preservation of owner-occupied housing, also includes the acquisition, demolition, and redevelopment of selected properties.
Thus far in 2006 the GDC has demolished 7 severely dilapidated buildings in Area II. Plans are underway to demolish at least 3 more buildings in the near future.
In order to assist rehabilitation in Area II, the GDC has applied for Federal and State Historic Tax Credits for six buildings in the area. These tax credits will provide important help in raising funds to rehab these buildings. The GDC is also talking to home builders about building new homes on vacant lots. The GDC will enforce strict design standards to ensure that new homes will be architecturally compatible with existing buildings. The GDC does not seek to buy owner-occupied homes in Area II. The GDC cannot make a homeowner sell their property. The GDC wants to assist homeowners in any way possible to remain in and, if they so desire, improve their home.

Area III

Tower Grove to Vandeventer
Strategy: Acquisition and clearance of property for the construction of new commercial, research, or community-use buildings.
The GDC has been working to assist three current and upcoming commercial projects along Tower Grove Ave:
Hoffmann Brother Heating and Air Conditioning This company is currently rehabilitating its building at 1633 Tower Grove. Its plans include the purchase of three properties on McRee Avenue to create additional parking. One of these is a vacant lot owned by the GDC and another is an owner-occupied home. This homeowner will move across the street into a house that Hoffmann purchased from the GDC and completely rehabbed. Hoffmann’s project should be completed by the end of 2006.
4301 McRee
This long-vacant commercial building is owned by the GDC. In May, the GDC accepted a proposal to sell the building to Urban Improvement Conglomerate, an architectural firm. They will have their offices on the first floor and will rent suites on the second floor to other architects or creative professionals. Sale of the building will occur this fall and rehabilitation should be complete by the end of 2007.
Tower Grove Hardware
The owner of Tower Grove Hardware plans to carry out a complete rehabilitation of this building. Work should begin this summer and be finished by the end of the year.

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